jeudi, janvier 17, 2013


Le départ vers la " découverte du monde"

Le retour du fils
james Jacques Joseph Tissot (15 October 1836 – 8 August 1902) was a French painter  , who spent much of his career in Britain.Tissot was born on October 15, 1836 to a family of Italian descent in the port town of nantes  France. His father, Marcel Théodore Tissot, was a successful drapery merchant while his mother, Marie Durand, assisted her husband in his business and designed hats. His mother was also a devout Catholic and instilled pious devotion in Tissot from a very young age. It is widely believed that Tissot's youth spent in Nantes contributed to his frequent depiction of shipping vessels and boats in his later works. Also, there was most likely an influence of his parents' involvement in the fashion industry on his attention to women's clothing over the course of his career. By the time Tissot was 17 he knew he wanted to pursue painting as a career. Though his father did not support this decision, they eventually were able to overcome the disagreement.

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