mercredi, septembre 08, 2010

Eugène Isabey ou pas?

I've found your when I was looking throughout internet searching of author of paintings which I have in my possesion. I found on your blog many beautifull, marine paintings by Eugène Isabey. I was wondering if my picture could be by some coicidence by the same author?
Number of letters in signature fits. At the beginning letter ,,E'' then ,,I'' and ending with ,,y''. Unfortuatelly all letters between are unreadable. The date seems to be 1880 (it's better seen in real) so basically this is the last period of Eugene's life.

Take a look at the pictures. I'd be very glad if you'll find some time to express your opinion of this painting author :

cachet au dos

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Anonyme a dit…

Je connais bien l'oeuvre d'Isabey.
La signature est bonne mais votre oeuvre manque de technique, de fougue et de fulgurance.
NON a 70 pour 100 selon moi.