mardi, mai 11, 2010

Morse Diving Helmet #820/ Otis Barton‏

Auction May 8th, 2010
This is quite possibly the rarest diving helmet in the world today. With four bolt neck, four viewing ports and twelve bolt breastplate. The serial number 820 is punched into the brails, neck and breastplate. The breastplate also has a manufacturers tag which reads: "AJ Morse & Son, Boston, Mass, USA". The helmet is circa 1892 and can be seen in the film "Titans of the Deep" which was produced by Otis Barton. Otis Barton is shown in a photograph wearing this helmet in his book 17" wide x 19" tall x 15" deep.
50,000 - 75,000
susan donnelly
lannan ship model gallery
99 high st.
boston, ma 02110
617 451 2650
fax 617 451 6468

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