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René GILLOTIN 1814 -1861

René Gillotin       officier de marine   et peintre

Pont flottant sur la Corne d'Or Constantinople


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il y a eut une exposition René Gillotin au musée de la marine il y a quelques années

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René Gillotin (1814-1861) was a French navel officer and painter. He was born in Normandy and entered the naval school at Brest, France. His first campaign was to South America in 1833, with a first stop at Gorée in Senegal. 1844-1846 he visited French Polynesia on the frigate La Virginie. After promotion to lieutenant, he visited Senegal again in 1852 on the steam frigate Eldorado. He served in the Crimean War as a commander, and made many drawings and watercolor paintings throughout his naval career.

François Jacquin, a nephew of René Gillotin, came upon a trove of writings, drawings, sketches and watercolors by his uncle. Based upon this discovery, he published De Constantinople a Tahiti: Seize ans d'aquarelles autour du monde, 1840-1856, en suivant Rene Gillotin in 1997.[1] Gillotin’s style is typical of mid-19th cantury French painting.[2] Although he is best known for his images of French Polynesia and Constantinople, he also drew and painted (presumable from life) in Africa, South America and Hawaii.[3]

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Le Musée de la Marine révélait, en 1991, les aquarelles et croquis de voyage d'un officier de marine, René Gillotin (1814-1861), né à Pont-l'Evêque.

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