mardi, février 15, 2011

Demande de renseignements Messageries maritimes

Dear people of Historic Marine,

we are preparing a biography of an extraordinary lady - Eva Langley-
Danos. She was Hungarian, of Jewish origin. Before her deportation,
she had made a doctorate in Economic Sciences and worked as a
professor in a school for managerial secretaries in Budapest. In
December 1944 she was deported to the concentration camp of
Ravensbrück, north of Berlin. From there, she survived a transport to
the concentration camp of Dachau, where she was liberated by the
American Allies end of April 1945. She was one of the only women to
survive her train of deportation.... Her witness of the story of her
trail during the Second World War was published by us under the title
"Prison on Wheels". At the moment, a French translation of this
document is in preparation.

Eva Danos migrated from Paris to Australia at the end of 1949. Then,
according to the data we have from interviews with her, she worked for
Messageries Maritimes in Sydney, Australia. Her boss was a certain
Monsieur Petit. He was responsible for the South Pacific, that is to
say for the ships of Messageries Maritimes sailing this route. Once
per year, she had to accompany her boss on a lengthy trip in which he
visited all the ports in the South Pacific.

If you have any information about boats, routes, responsible persons
for the Australian office in Sydney, we would be very grateful for
your help.

We do not assume that you have any documents about Mrs. Eva Danos
(later Eva Langley-Danos), but perhaps you can tell us something about
the situation of Messageries Maritimes in the period of 1950 - 1956
operating out of Sydney and the people who were involved in it on an
administrative level? Do you have any documents about a Mr. Petit?
Everything you can tell us will be highly welcomed.

Thanks a lot, and many kind regards

Elena Hinshaw-Fischli
Daimon Publications
Hauptstr. 85
CH-8840 Einsiedeln

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