mercredi, juin 30, 2010

confection d'uniforme au pakistan

Dear Sirs, see it plz!
Refer to our introductory e-mail regarding all type of UNIFORM ACCESSORIES of Band ,
Air force, Military, Army, Cadet, Navy, Pilot , Civil War, Napoleon etc., and much, But sorry
to say we did not received any sort of reply from your good side. Perhaps you not understand
our interesting with your company. You are a reliable and worthy dealer of our line, therefore we again approach you in the hopeof trial order. We assure you that our first supply convince you and also raise up your confidence
for permanent business relation with each and others.Hope you will consider on our genuine request and provide us chance of service with trial order.We most welcome to your trial enquires , question by e-mail .all the best,M.Kashif Ali M/S. KASTILLO EMBLEM Neka pura, Sabri st no.1city Sialkot 51310 -- Pakistan. E-mail:-

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